Sunday, February 09, 2014

So Far, So Good. No worries.

As of right now, I'm not budging on the forecast. The evening data from one model (NAM) is odd. I'm still trying to see why it is so different from previous runs. Regardless, it still keeps the accumulating snow south of Region 8. It does show the third wave (mentioned in previous blogs) on Tuesday PM bringing a swath of snow through Memphis. I'm not sold on that yet. Here are my bullet points at 10:00 PM:

  • Flurries or brief snow showers in Region 8 could bring a dusting to very ISOLATED areas. Not widespread on Monday morning.
  • At this time, it appears that most of the accumulating snow stays south of Region 8.
  • We still need to watch the 3rd wave closely. That is Tuesday evening. At this time, I'm not concerned, but let's watch it. I don't want something to sneak up on us!
I feel pretty confident that my kids are going to school for 5 days this week. Let's hope!

Have a good night!


Vonavie said...

As much as I love snow, these kids need to get back to school! Here's hoping for a five day school week!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully we're in for a pleasant surprise and get in a good snow!