Sunday, March 02, 2014

Here It Comes!

We have a WIDE range of weather conditions across Region 8 right now at 1:45 PM. Heavy sleet is falling in Mountain Home. Here's an image from Mel Coleman at North-Central Electric Coop:
Some other parts of Region 8 have also seen some heavy sleet and the roads are covered. Here is a pic sent to me from Charlie Hinson when he was near Piggott on Highway 49:
Other places have seen just freezing rain and drizzle so far and it is starting to stick to the trees and power lines. This pic is from @dinahlynne on twitter. She took this pic on Highway 351 near KAIT:

Here are my thoughts as of 1:45 PM on Sunday afternoon:
  • This storm has just started. The heaviest precipitation occurs between now and midnight.
  • The only surprise so far with this storm is that it is coming in waves. In between those waves, we get freezing drizzle which seems to freeze easily on surfaces.
  • The accumulation amounts I posted in earlier blogs still stands. No change.
  • As of 1:45 PM, we already have some power outages.
That's all I have for now. It's about to get busy around here! Follow my twitter feed on the right side of this page for more frequent updates. Be safe.



Anonymous said...

greene 765 road also known as rocking chair at 49 is very slick

Anonymous said...

Highland Dr. in Jonesboro is starting to get slick.

Dstout said...

No way in Hades I am getting out from underneath my electric blanket in my recliner to test the roads. STAY HOME PEOPLE!

Anonymous said...

it is pretty slick in Clay County. About 4 inches of sleet on front step.

Anonymous said...

Why are employer closings not on channel 8? Not everyone has access to the website.