Monday, June 02, 2014

May Numbers Are In...

For people in the TV business, the title of this blog sounds like I'm talking about our viewer ratings. I'm not, but they were very good and I appreciate all of our viewers. I'm talking about the climate numbers for Jonesboro in the month of May:

  • The average temperature for the month of May was 70°, 0.9° above average.
  • The average temperature for the year so far was 48°, 3.6° below average.
  • The hottest temperature in May was 90°.
  • The coldest temperature in May was 42°.
  • Jonesboro had 4.58" of rainfall, which was only 0.03" below average.
  • Jonesboro had 21.28" for the year so far, which was EXACTLY the average. Odd to be the exact average.
At the end of May, we also marked the end of "Meteorological Spring", which runs March-May. In Jonesboro, it was the 4th coolest Meteorological Spring on record.
These numbers were released by the National Weather Service in Memphis this morning and were sent with two graphics. The first map shows the precipitation that fell in May and the second map shows the average temperatures for the month of May in the Mid-South:

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