Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Severe Weather Threat

The chance for severe weather is increasing across Region 8 tonight and for the next few days. I do not have a lot of time right now, but I wanted to give you a quick update. Here are the bullet point at 3:15 PM on Wednesday:

  • There is currently a Tornado Watch in effect until 8:00 PM for parts of Missouri in Region 8.
  • There is a chance of severe weather tonight, tomorrow, and Friday for Region 8.
  • Straight-line winds appear to be the MAIN threat.
  • Hail is the secondary threat.
  • Tornadoes are possible, but are not the primary threat.
Here is a computer model, simulating what radar may look like at 8:00 PM this evening:

After glancing at some data, this looks very possible. As you can see, SE Missouri and extreme NE Arkansas would have the best chance of severe weather. This threat would extend into Tennessee and Kentucky. If you live in this areas, stay "weather aware" this evening.

Tonight, I plan on blogging about the severe weather threat for tomorrow and Friday.

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Cindy Amezian said...

so glad u keep us up to my KAIT!!!!!

Ami Kristin said...

I live in the bootheel where all that red mess is! Ugh! Thanks for keeping us up to date!