Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Moving On...

I'm typically not the type of person that gets attached to a home. My wife and I have lived in a few states and we've had a few homes. In less than 2 weeks, we are moving again. For some reason, leaving this home is different. I won't get into all of the long personal stories, but we have had a lot of life in this home.

As we prepare to move, several things are already gone from the yard. The trampoline which had hundreds of hours of use has been disassembled and thrown away. It was entirely too old to jump on anymore. The playground has be moved to the neighbors yard to hopefully give hours of fun to their grand-kids, like it has given to my kids and the kids that lived here before us. The tree still stands. This tree has provided shade for the kids to play outdoors in the hottest afternoons. Also, as you can see, it is also an awesome tree to climb. I've even climbed it a time or two.

If this home had a little more room, we would not leave. Our neighbors are awesome, the area is quiet, and I have some great bike routes from this house! But, with 4 kids, we need more room.

We already know some of our new neighbors and we are looking forward to our new home. I pray that the transition goes smooth! We're only moving a few miles away... What could go wrong? LOL


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