Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thank You

I've been meaning to write this blog for awhile, but every time it's on my mind, I'm too pooped to write it. Anywho, I'm finally getting around to composing my thoughts.

I started cycling last year. When I started, I rode a couple of miles in my neighborhood and never ventured out too far. I built up my endurance a little, but was still too concerned to leave the neighborhood. I had heard about cyclists being run over and to be honest... I did not want to be run over!

One day, I ventured out and rode 8 miles. A few weeks later, I rode 12 miles. A few weeks after that, I rode 20 miles. It's addictive, peaceful, enjoyable, and I even get a little exercise. My wife also rides and it has become something we can do together when the kids are in school.

My favorite route is pictured above. I typically see these cows at the halfway point of my 20 mile route. They stare at me... I stare at them. Being a guy that was raised in the city, cows are still interesting to me. On this route, I have seen goats, turtles, rabbits, snakes, a skunk, deer, eagles, ducks, geese, and few bugs. One thing I have not seen yet... a rude person.

I want to thank the people along this route. I typically wait until after 8:00 to ride to avoid people's rush to work, but I still encounter cars. The state law says to give a 3 foot distance when passing a bike and 99% of people do that and I thank you! For those that have seen me out and waved, thank you! You make the ride even better.

My dad had a heart attack when he was in his 40s. Thankfully, he lived. I do not want to have a heart attack in my 40s, so I have found something I enjoy to help keep my blood flowing well. Thanks for sharing the road.

Have a great night!

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