Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Wind Chill in the 30s?

It's possible! In the wake of the cold front set to come through, we could be quite cold on Saturday morning. The models continue to trend cooler! Now, we are not covering the plants or anything, but bundle up on Saturday. Take a look at the latest data from the GFS regarding temperatures at 7AM on Saturday. Click image to enlarge:
I'm pretty confident that everyone wakes up with an air temperature in the 40s. West Plains may even be in the 30s! There will also be a little bit of wind. The grey areas show 5-10 mph winds from the west or northwest:
Factor in those cool temperatures and a little bit of wind and there is a CHANCE we have the wind chill in the 30s EARLY on Saturday. If you have plans early in the day, bundle up. By the afternoon, it will be milder with temperatures in the 60s. Here's the GFS on wind chills at 7AM on Saturday:
My family will be at youth football early on Saturday and I'm looking forward to the football weather! If you are going to the A-State game on Saturday, it will get chilly fast after the sun goes down.

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