Saturday, November 29, 2014

Freezing Rain Possible on Monday

First off:
  • This should not cause any huge problems.
  • Jonesboro will likely see rain only.
  • Best chance for icing will be in the Ozarks.
  • School closings unlikely.
There is a chance of freezing rain for PARTS of Region 8 on Monday. We will have a sharp drop in temperatures along a cold front, as it passes through the area. You'll know when the front moves through when the winds start coming from the north instead of the south. Look at the arrows on this map. Can you see the wind shift south of Memphis on Monday morning?:
Temperatures will drop as we go through the day on Monday. Here are the temperatures in the morning hours across Region 8, based on this model:
And here are the temperatures at the end of the day:
The colder air is sliding south, but starts to stall to our south. This cold air is not that thick, meaning there is warmer air aloft. This cold air is "slicing" into the lower parts of the atmosphere, but 5,000 feet up, still has the mild air that we are experiencing this weekend! I think we will barely stay above freezing in Jonesboro, but as you head into the Ozarks, there could be some light icing. This model shows the areas that could be seeing freezing rain on Monday PM. Icing is in pink:
I'm not expecting any huge problems, but we will keep an eye on it!

Have a great day!

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