Friday, December 19, 2014

Fighting the "Crap App" Issue

One of my goals for the Region 8 Storm TEAM is to make our apps even better. A meteorologist in Birmingham often calls weather apps "Crap Apps" because the forecast does not match the forecast that you see on air. I'm happy to report that we do not have a Crap App at KAIT.

We have two apps. One is all weather and one is our news app that has a weather section. One of the big complaints we had when we first ventured into the app business was that our forecast on the app did not match what we had on television. I agreed with you 100%, but had my hands tied. It was driven by computer models and we could not change it. THAT HAS CHANGED! The forecast you see on both of our apps now, matches the forecast that you see on air. Make sure you have updated both apps in the App store or on Google Play:
The above image is from our news app. I like its layout. You can see the forecast, current conditions, and watch a video forecast from the latest newscast. 

Another project in the future is to make the radar product better. It's good now, but there's always room for improvement. I'd like to see higher resolution radar data and roads and cities over the data instead of under the data. I'll keep you posted on that!

If you have any suggestions to make our weather app better OR the weather section on our news app better, tweet me at @ryanvaughan or email me at

Have a good day!

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