Saturday, January 10, 2015


First, let's review the difference between freezing rain and sleet. Sleet falls as pellets of ice, while freezing rain falls as liquid and freezes on contact. Freezing rain sticks to surfaces and glazes over. Sleet bounces.

Now, let's talk about tomorrow (Sunday 1/11/15). We are expecting freezing rain. Here are the bullet points as of 10:00 am on Saturday:

  • Freezing rain will start in the morning.
  • Bridges and overpasses will get slick first.
  • Because we have been so cold, the roads may get slick quickly.
  • Churches, have sidewalk melt on standby.
  • 0.10" of ICE glaze is possible on exposed surfaces.
  • Most locations should go above freezing in the afternoon
  • Once we go above freezing, the ice should melt quickly.
There will be some areas that stay at or below freezing longer than others. Southern Missouri and the counties in Arkansas that border Missouri may see more ice accumulation because they will stay colder, longer. In the morning, we will ALL be below freezing as the moisture moves in:
I believe the worst part of the day will be late-morning into the lunch hour, when the greatest moisture will meet up with the freezing air:
By the evening, MOST of us should be above freezing. The areas still in pink, may continue getting ice accumulation. This includes southern Missouri. It also includes some Arkansas counties. In Jonesboro, we should be seeing a cold rain with temperatures in the mid 30s. Close call!!!:
This is a VERY TRICKY forecast. We will keep a close eye on it and give updates through the day. Follow me on Twitter at 



Anonymous said...

Thank u for takin the time to update us!

Carol Brown said...

Thank you Ryan for the information! I know you do many hours of research just for us!

Now, how can I get a Barton's Weather Umbrella? My St. Bernard's Umbrella has bit the dust! I love a Big Umbrella!