Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 1999

January of 1999 was a wild one for Region 8. We had ice storms, single-digit lows, highs in the 70s, and two terrifying days of tornadoes on January 17th and January 21st. Below is a hand-written log from Terry Wood. Look at the comments section! Click image to enlarge:
That's quite a month. Thankfully we have not been as active this year as in 1999.

Have a good night.



Beth said...

I remember those tornados! My daughter had her first baby on the 16th in Blytheville and there was a tornado warning while she was still in the hospital. Her husband was a cop and had to help with the evacuations and couldn't stay with her. Luckily a friend was visiting and didn't let the baby out of her sight!

Gin B said...

I remember this. My aunt & uncle lost their home in Evening Star that night...and if I remember right, CNN came and interviewed them.