Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Afternoon Update

I'm going to make this fast. You guys are busy and I have a conference call in 8 minutes! Here are my thoughts as of 1:52 PM on Friday:

  • This is a Sunday night storm. Not much beyond that. 
  • Freezing rain is not a big threat, so power problems are not expected. 
  • Predominant precipitation type will be snow, with some sleet at the start. 
  • The sleet and snow will start in many locations before the 10:00 news on Sunday.
  • 1-2” will be common, with isolated areas picking up 3-4” 
  • Roads on Monday morning will likely be covered.
  • School closings are likely. Some districts are closed for Presidents Day, but many are still scheduled to be open at this time.
Once again, it is not a huge storm, but one that could be disruptive. THIS FORECAST CAN CHANGE. Stay tuned through the weekend! 


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