Thursday, April 09, 2015

Timing, Location, and Strength of Severe Weather Today

Our chances for severe weather will increase this evening. Here are my bullet points as of 8:00 AM:

  • Severe weather threat should be AFTER school for most of Region 8.
  • Severe weather is possible from 4:00 PM (Western counties) to 11:00 PM (Eastern Counties)
  • No location is more prone to severe weather than another. Severe weather is possible anywhere in Region 8. 
  • We are most concerned with the storms ahead of the squall line that will develop late today.
  • Large hail and damaging winds are the primary threat.
  • There is a chance for tornadoes.
  • We will have watches issued.
  • Warnings are also likely, even tornado warnings.
  • Text STORM to 52488 for instant warnings delivered to your phone.
  • Download the KAIT weather App for constant radar.
OK, let's dig into the data. The latest data has a squall line developing by 4:00 PM:

This morning, the air is a little unstable, but nothing like what it will be like this afternoon and evening. CAPE is a measurement of the energy available for storms. Like fuel, it needs other things to get it going. The higher the number, the greater the energy. 3000 is lots of energy:

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