Saturday, April 04, 2015

Severe Weather Next Week, Are you ready?

(pic: Melanie Blanding)
This is not necessarily a post to break down the particulars of the severe weather setup, but more of a preparation post. There are a few opportunities for severe weather this upcoming week. At this time, it looks like Thursday will be the greatest threat. So, are you ready? The bullet points of this post are questions you should as as we move deeper into April:

  • Do you have SEVERAL ways to get warnings?
    • KAIT App
    • Text STORM to 52488
    • Weather Radio
  • Does your family know where to go in a tornado warning?
  • Do you have helmets that you can use to protect your head?
  • Do you have a whistle in case your house is hit so that you can be found easily?
  • Do you have flashlights with good batteries?
This is our helmet collection for tornadoes, even though we have a basement:

These are the types of questions you need to answer as we move farther into severe weather season. As I said, the upcoming week could be active. A strong low will be moving across the country and will create the dynamics that will support severe weather:
The air is also going to be very unstable. We have talked about CAPE before. It's the energy needed to sustain the storms. Thursday looks to have enough to sustain severe storms:
The Storm Prediction Center is also highlighting Thursday as a day to watch. Here's their outlook, as of now: 

So, be prepared! We could have an active week ahead!

Have a great Passover, Easter, Resurrection weekend!

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