Tuesday, May 26, 2015

200-300% of Average Rainfall in May!

It has been a WET MAY for much of Region 8! We're almost done with the month and much of Arkansas has had 200-300% of it's average rainfall for the month. Here in Jonesboro we have had 6.10" so far. This is 2.10" above average.

In Fort Smith, AR, they have had 18.33" in the month of May! That is 13.86" above average! That's crazy.

As you can see in the above map (click to enlarge), many parts of Oklahoma and Texas have had 300-500% of their average May rainfall. The flooding has been horrible in that area. The only bright side is that their lakes and reservoirs are filling up. In the past few years, they have been very low.

So, when will we start to dry out? It appears that June is looking wet and active, also. This is the June precipitation outlook from the Climate Prediction Center:
Notice that many of the areas that had a wet May, are expected to have a wet June. Rain in the summer is not bad, but we don't need too much!

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