Tuesday, May 12, 2015

River Updates!

Many of you have asked about river updates, so let's break down some of the area rivers. Let's start on the White River in Batesville. This pic came to me late today from @TomaceniaM on Twitter:
And this pic came from @03msc:
As you can see, the water on the White River is quite high, but it appears that it may have crested and is heading down now. Below is a graph of the river stage and it's projected stage this week (dotted line):

The Black River has not crested yet! Below is a graph of the Black River at Black Rock. It appears that it will crest tomorrow:
And finally, the Black River at Pocahontas. It also looks to crest late tomorrow at 17 feet, which is considered to be minor flood stage:
Thankfully, we will be dry for the next couple of days to allow the rivers to drain a little! We'll keep you posted on the projected river stages!

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