Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Here Comes the MUGGY!

So far, the mugginess has not been that bad across Region 8. This morning, the dewpoints are in the 50s. If you recall, the dewpoint is a measure of moisture in the atmosphere. The higher the number, the muggier it is outside. We typically do not start feeling the mugginess until this number gets into the 60s:
The mugginess will start creeping up over the next few days. These next 2 maps show what the dewpoint will do over the next 48 hours. The yellows indicate dewpoints in the 50s and the greens indicate the dewpoints above 60. The first map is this morning and the second map is Thursday morning:

You can clearly see the surge of more moisture moving north. If you plot the dewpoints from several computer model runs, you can also see the upward trend:

Now, while the dewpoint is rising over the next few days, it's still not as bad as what it could be in Region 8. Later in the year, this number will be in the 70s... and sometimes close to 80!

Have a great week!

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