Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Breezy Bill

This evening we talked about the rainfall and wind that could come from the leftovers of Tropical Storm Bill on Thursday and Friday. I'm starting to be "a little" more concerned about the wind threat. First off, it will be NOTHING like we experienced with Hurricane Ike a few years back, but it could be breezy. This image shows the SUSTAINED winds could be in the 15-25 mph range:

Sustained winds are calculated by the average wind speed over a 10 minute period. However, there are occasionally higher "gusts". Wind "gusts" from Bill on Thursday into Friday could go into the 30-35 mph range according to some data this evening:
The track and timing of this storm is still questionable, so stay tuned to the Region 8 Storm Team as we fine tune the forecast over the next few days!


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