Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Moisture Increases This Weekend

Tonight, we are using a graphic that we may have never used on air. We are going to show "preciptable water" because it tells the weather story. We typically avoid getting too technical, but I think this data is pretty simple. Let's start with today. It's been pretty dry across Region 8 and the preciptable water has been rather low. Notice the legend and the shades of green:
Let's fast-forward to Friday when the moisture increases. Notice the surge of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico starting:
As we get to Saturday, a lot of moisture is available and some of the storms that develop could have some heavy rain. Not everyone will see rain, but those that do, could quickly pick up 0.50-0.75" of rain:
This pattern continues on Sunday and really into next week:

Don't cancel plans, just have a plan B again this weekend.


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