Monday, October 12, 2015

Who's Ready For The First Frost?

Typically we see our first frost in the month of October. On average, many parts of Region 8 should have already seen their first frost, but so far I have had no reports. We have had some cold mornings with a lot of dew, but I have not had any frost reports. If you have seen frost in our viewing area this season, email me and I'll update this post with your name a location.

As I look at the data, I do not think we will see a frost this week, In fact, I do not see a chance of frost for Jonesboro until the week leading up to Halloween. I'll take a guess at the first frost in Jonesboro to be the morning of October 28th. The average first frost for Jonesboro is October 22nd. I think a few parts of Region 8 will see a frost sooner than that. We'll see!

Keep in mind that because the air gets a little cooler around the wet and exposed surfaces, we can "officially" have temperatures above freezing and have frost. That's because the air close to the frost is at 32° or below.

Look at the above map to see when your first frost is on average. Despite the 80s on Monday, frost is coming soon!


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