Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Rain THIS Weekend (October 24-25th)

I'm just getting back to work after attending the National Weather Association annual meeting. It was a great time and I learned a lot to pass along to Region 8. I've only been home for about 15 hours, but there are A LOT of people asking about the rain this weekend. Apparently, there are a lot of outdoor plans, people going to games, receptions, and haunted house/fields/forest plans. As Rachel and Justin have been telling you, there is a good chance of rainfall. Here are some of my thoughts on this Tuesday morning, as I look at data and sip my coffee:

  • Accurately pinpointing the greatest coverage and amounts to a particular hour is very difficult at this point. We are still 4-5 days out.
  • The greatest rain chance per 12-hour window appears to be between noon Saturday to midnight Sunday morning (Late Sat night).
  • Severe weather does not look likely.
  • Greatest chance to have some lightning would be Saturday morning, early. (Note: Not the most rain, though)
  • Rainfall amounts should exceed 1.00" in most locations this weekend.
We are needing some rain! Here are two computer model projections for this weekend's total precipitation:

As you can see, we should have a pretty good soaker at times. We will tweak this forecast over the next few days AND I plan to have a LIVE video Q&A Facebook chat on the weekend rainfall at some point this week. Stay tuned for the date and time.

Have a great day and enjoy the nice weather. 


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03msc said...

Yes, lots of activities going on this weekend, beginning Friday evening, so keep us posted on the timing so proper plans can be made.