Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Recapping The Day & What's Next

You can click the above image to see the severe weather reports from today, as of 7:00 PM. I'm not giving us the all clear yet. But, we are looking pretty good. Hopefully I don't jinx us. I'm staying in the studio... just in case.

When you look at the severe weather reports in the above image, most of the action was in Iowa, northern Missouri, and Illinois. The map below is the risk map we showed last night:

Overall, the forecast was not too far off. I expected a few wind damage reports, but I won't complain! We had most of the area in a low risk, so I should not be too surprised at having no damage reports. Once again, I root for people and not storms... so tonight is a victory. As I type this, I'm still a little concerned about a wind damage threat until 9:00 PM or so.

So, what's next? We are going to be dry for several days, including most of the weekend. Sunday night, a warm front lifts north. This bring a lot of moisture into Region 8 on Monday. As the low pressure passes overhead on Tuesday, we may see heavy rain and storms. Models are showing a lot of rain over that 48 hour period:
We will keep you posted. I'm going to go back to watching radar. See you guys at 10:00.



Anonymous said...

Thank You For The Awesome Job You Do Each And Every Day 😊😊

Anonymous said...

Says haze it's raining in rector