Wednesday, November 11, 2015

SEVERE Weather This Evening

I am growing more concerned about the threat for severe weather this evening. We will have the Central StormTRACKER in place before the storms arrive. At this time, I'm thinking we will setup along Highway 49 in Cross or Poinsett Counties and move as needed.

Here are my thoughts in bullet points:

  • Storms move into western areas between 3-5 PM.
  • Most car lines will be safe, but we could see a few showers ahead of stronger storms.
  • Strait-line winds still look to be the main threat.
  • There is still a threat of tornadoes! Do not take this lightly.
  • The threat should be gone by Region 8 News at 10:00.
Let's show some maps:

I will Facebook LIVE video later today. 



Rufus&Buddy said...

Thank tub for all you do!!

Rufus&Buddy said...

LOL-I meant thank YOU for all that you do!