Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Eve Tornadoes of 1982

The above image is the weather log from December of 1982. I did a LIVE Facebook video this evening and many of you were talking about your memories from the severe weather in December of 1982. The 82-83 Winter was also an El Nino Winter like we are experiencing this year. While I am NOT saying that we will have tornadoes this winter, I do think it is a possibility.

The above weather log was taken by Terry Wood when he worked for Region 8 News. Notice the notes he left. It shows the historical flooding that occurred at the start of the month and the tornadoes that hit on Christmas Eve.

What's you memory from the 1982 Christmas Eve tornadoes? Comment below, tweet me, or write a comment on Facebook.



Steve Holsten said...

I was living in Senath MO that December with my Ex & our 3 kids at the time. Tornadoes were all around us that one night. Believe me, it was scary. I hope to never go through one of those long nights again.

Danny Ewing said...

Remember it well. We lived in a mobile home and my wife was over eight months pregnant. We decided to go to St. Bernard's in case she went into labor and stay in the basement. The weather was so bad we stopped at a friend's house and spent most of Christmas Eve in their basement with half the neighborhood. My wife's family was driving down from Mountain Home on Christmas day, but a bridge on highway 63 west of Hoxie was washed out and they had to detour.