Monday, January 04, 2016

First Snow of the Season?

There's some chatter going on about some snow coming to Region 8. I first posted about this possibility on December 31, 2015 and I'm actually shocked that it still looks like "something" might happen.
While this does not look like a huge storm, it is one that we need to watch. Here are my thoughts as of Monday morning, 1/4/16:

  • This DOES NOT look like a big winter storm. Sorry winter lovers.
  • BUT, it may be enough to cause some issues.
  • The focal point is NEXT Monday night into Tuesday morning, 1/12/16. (EDIT: Some data now has this coming in for the weekend. Stay tuned)
  • Models are still flip-flopping.
  • It's way too early to discuss amounts.
  • Let's get through the rain showers on Thursday first.

So, here's the deal. I need you guys to stay with us over the next week as we watch this little storm system. The forecast is likely to change a little, but models are showing a little bit of moisture while the cold air is in place. Images from Pivotal WX:

At this time, I have not seen any models showing a big storm. We will watch it and keep you posted though. Let's watch the rainfall on Thursday, first.

As I mentioned in my Winter Forecast, I expect 1-2 Winter weather events this season. That's normal or slightly below normal.

PS- I have not designed the new Panicometer this season. I might start working on that, just in case.



Anonymous said...

Cmon winter!! Dump some snow on us!!

Anonymous said...

I don't want any winter weather! I am done with winter!!

Anonymous said...

I am ready for some winter weather. A little snow would be really nice. Hope we get some.

Dorothy DorothyLenox said...

We sure are having a lovely spring this winter, really we need some kind of winter this winter and that would be nice,

Heather Weiand said...

Wondering what it looks like for sharp county that morning. My LPN class starts back that day....don't want to miss class!