Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Update On The Chance of Snow...

There's a reason why we have (and have had) the snow chances at only 20-30% in the 7 day forecast. There's also a reason why I said it was not a big storm.

With that said, the chance of snow has dropped for now. We could still see some flakes of snow this weekend and next week, but it just does not look like it will be enough to cancel school. Could that change? Yep... But, as promised... I'm keeping you updated. For those of you that love snow, there is still SOME data suggesting snow on Saturday night. Do your snow dance and maybe something will happen! It's only Tuesday... this forecast can change again. It is Arkansas, after all.

In the long run, I hope we do not get snow. My winter outlook did not call for much snow. Therefore, the longer we can put it off... the better.

Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Ryan how long do you work a week? I have a school project to do and I need to know. Please write back