Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thundersleet, Snow, and The PANICOMETER!

We have a tough forecast over the next 36 hours! Buckle up! We should see all types of precipitation from rain to freezing rain to sleet to snow. With high winds, we may even see brief BLIZZARD conditions. Here are my thoughts at 7:45 am:

  • Rain, sleet, and freezing rain moves in after the sun goes down this evening.
  • Some places may be above freezing at the start.
  • Temperatures drop through the night.
  • Sleet and Snow accumulates MUCH differently. Snow adds up faster than sleet.
  • Tomorrow morning, the roads will be bad.
  • Some areas may see over 0.25" of freezing rain before switching to snow. In those areas, there may be some power issues.
  • With winds at 30-40 mph at times, there may be some power issues.
  • If we get snow and 30-40 mph winds at the same time, we may have brief blizzard conditions Friday morning.
Here's an accumulation map right now. Keep in mind, if get more sleet than snow, these numbers will be lower in spots:
The reason that I'm concerned about sleet making the totals lower and why I'm getting a little more worried about power issues is that we will have some warm air aloft. This is a forecast sounding for tonight. Notice the warm air aloft:
Even if we get several hours of sleet and freezing rain, I still think everyone will end in snow. Therefore, I now have the PANICOMETER at "Grab a Sled!":

Stay tuned!!!


Rufus&Buddy said...

Thank you.

Gordy said...

I love the Panic-O-Meter!!! Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Anonymous said...

We're from out of town were supposed to
Have a bday party in Paragould Saturday? Road condition may change that would you recommend rescheduling or think it will be clear?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous...I'd reschedule.

Lisa Holtsclaw said...

Thank you Ryan for keeping us updated and doing all that you do

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ryan! Our area is lucky to have you!