Thursday, January 21, 2016


We are adjusting the accumulation map because of the warm layer I talked about this morning. The storm is shifting a little, too. Here are our thoughts at 10:00 AM:

  • Sleet accumulates much slower than snow. BBs versus Cotton balls... but, same amount of moisture. 
  • Timing is still on track to start this evening and lasting through Friday morning.
  • Roads will be bad in the morning regardless of the type of precipitation.
  • As you see in the map below, the greatest chance for higher accumulation is east of Jonesboro.
  • Jonesboro appears to get some freezing rain with about 1.00" of sleet and 1.00" of snow on top. Give or take a little.
  • This is like predicting what a bull will do when it comes into the arena. We know it is coming in... but what it does when it gets here is questionable! Giddy up!
Here's the latest map. Notice that this includes SLEET and SNOW:



John Ivy said...

Electric is going off and on here in Trumann

Paula Dye said...

What is the condition behind the low water advisories issued south along the coastline?