Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday PM Update, 5:45 PM

Here's a quick update on my thoughts as of 5:00 PM on Wednesday:

  • We are watching 2 time periods.
  • Some freezing rain or sleet should develop by morning in parts of Region 8
  • This first time period could make a few slick spots by Thursday morning, but not as bad as this morning.
  • Second time period starts tomorrow evening.
  • Rain comes in tomorrow evening.
  • Rain changes to snow tomorrow night.
  • Forecast snow totals will be TOUGH.
  • Snowfall amounts will vary greatly and there will be a sharp cutoff.
We are forecasting lower amounts than some other weather forecast sources. At this time, I think our forecast is on track. If it changes, we will bring you those updates, but here are my thoughts right now:
We will get a lot more data tonight and will adjust the forecast, if needed, by 10:00. Stay tuned!


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