Monday, February 22, 2016

Crazy Wind, Heavy Rain, and SNOW?

We have a strong storm that will impact Region 8 late Tuesday into Wednesday. Here are the bullet points at 7:45 AM on Monday:

  • Strong low pressure will move south of Region 8 Tuesday night.
  • Sustained winds on Tuesday night will be at 25-35 mph.
  • Wind gusts will go over 40 mph.
  • Heavy rain with rainfall totals of 1.50-2.00" is possible. Isolated higher amounts.
  • Some places will switch to snow.
  • The best chance for snow accumulations IN REGION 8 include areas in the Ozarks: Baxter, Izard, Stone, Fulton, Sharp, Howell, Oregon, Ripley, and Independence counties. 
  • Other counties may get snow, too. We are still watching to see if it will be cold enough for accumulation. Stay tuned.
Let's dig into some maps. First, lets' talk about the wind. When you have a strong low pressure, the difference between it and the nearby high pressure can be great. The difference between the two is called the pressure gradient. When you see lines of equal pressure close together (black lines/isobars), it is likely windy. Much like a topographic map, the lines being close together indicate a sharp difference. This is Tuesday night:
At the same time, it's going to be very wet! Here's a look at the precipitation types and rates at the same time. If enough cold air works its way down into the storm, it could be snowing in Mountain Home and West Plains by midnight:
As we move toward Wednesday morning, we get colder. The rain COULD change to snow in many locations. Many of these spots will still have surface temperatures above freezing, so it may not stick well. That's the "downer" for those wanting to play in the snow:
As we move into Mid-Morning, we start to lose the moisture. Before the moisture moves out, a few more counties may see snow. Once again, the surface temperatures may be above freezing. It would have to vomit snow to mess up the roads. Don't lose hope kids... it's possible. LOL

We are going to watch it closely over the next 48 hours! Stay tuned!



carol phillips said...

Doesn't look too good for Randolph Co. on Wednesday morning. Let's just hope that it's a minimal amount.

becky rawls said...

Wonder if o'kean will see any snow?