Wednesday, June 29, 2016

From Wet To Dry, But Wet is Close!

May of 2016 was the WETTEST May on record for Jonesboro. So far this June, we have had 0.54" of rainfall at the Jonesboro airport. That makes it the 5th DRIEST June on record and almost 3" below average! Rain chances today and tomorrow are very low, so that data may stand for the month. In case you wondered what the DRIEST June was in Jonesboro, it was the dreadful June of 1952. THAT was a rough summer! Click image to enlarge June 1952 log:
Today, we have some VERY nice air moving into Region 8. While it feels good, we still need some rain. I'm thankful for the few storms we have seen over the last few days because I was afraid we were going to start seeing more burn bans issued prior to the 4th of July celebrations. That would have been a bummer.

Over the next few days, a corridor of showers and storms will setup. This setup will be JUST north of Region 8. While I think we will see some showers and storms, the heaviest rain may stay closer to I44. Here's one model's 7 day rainfall forecast (Euro):
 We will watch this pattern unfold over the next few days. As you look at this animation of the available moisture, you will notice that the deeper moisture does nudge into Region 8, briefly. That's why we have some rain chances:
Stay tuned because we may see some storms on the 4th of July!

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