Monday, June 06, 2016


Now that we are starting to dry out, I have time to reflect back on the year we have had so far. It has been VERY WET. Take a look at some of these statistics from 2016:

  • We have had 32.91" so far this year. That's 11.13" ABOVE average.
  • March 2016 was the WETTEST March on record at 13.22".
  • March 2016 was the 5th overall wettest month on record.
  • May 2016 was the WETTEST May on record at 10.82".
  • On May 24th, Jonesboro had 6.19" of rainfall, which made it the WETTEST DAY ON RECORD. The previous record was 9/1/1922. Here's an old climate log from 1922:

I'm glad that we are dry this week and I'm looking forward to summer. Rachel and I are doing some early research on the fall and winter months. Our early indications show that it could be active. Not a fan of that!


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Anonymous said...

DM @nick_is_solid for info on what happened at manac trailers this afternoon, employees have been instructed not to talk to media