Monday, August 29, 2016

Relief From The Mugginess Late This Week!

It's hot and humid, but we have increasing confidence that the weather will get much better later this week. Here are my thoughts right now:

  • Monday-Wednesday will have scattered storms in the afternoon heating.
  • It's all about the Dewpoint!!!
  • Less humid air and cooler air starts moving in Thursday morning.
  • Dewpoints (which measures the mugginess) go from 70s to 50s! 
  • Tuesday night's Jonesboro vs. Batesville game will still be hot and muggy.
  • Thursday night Junior High Football games will be nice!
  • Football Friday Night and the ASTATE game on Friday evening will be even better!
Here are the dewpoints this evening. They will be in the 70s and it will be muggy:

As the less humid air starts moving in on Thursday, it will feel much better! Dewpoints will be in the low 60s!
The trend continues on Friday as dewpoints fall into the 50s! This will be one of the most comfortable Week 1 football forecasts we have ever had!

Let's hope this data does not change! 

There is also some action in the tropics that will likely not impact Region 8. I'll have that tonight on Region 8 News.



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Chris Williams said...

Better weather for the shooting range. Bandit1 Manila Ar

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Yeah ryan it feel a lot cooler in corning than it has been being,have a good and keep cool ad you and your team keep up the good work