Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Could It Be More Than Flurries?

The quick answer is "maybe". But, let's not panic just yet. Tomorrow night, very cold air will be moving into Region 8. At the same time, a fast moving upper-level disturbance will be passing north of the area. Cold air holds less moisture, so as that disturbance passes through, the atmosphere is going to squeeze out as much moisture as possible. The model below is one of the more aggressive models with the flurries/snow showers. This is what it shows at midnight tomorrow night:
While a few flakes of snow may be flying, I'm not sold on it adding up to anything. The ground is still pretty warm and the air temperature is likely to still be above freezing when this moves through. I'm still more concerned about the cold air on Thursday and Friday! It's going to be frigid.

Could we have a little dusting on the windshields and outdoor grills? It's possible. The seems to happen at the start of a season. It's just enough to send some people into a tizzy, but it's not going to be widespread and it's not going to cause any big issues.

If this data changes, we will send out an alert on our app.

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