Sunday, December 04, 2016

First Alert! BIG BLAST of COLD air

We have several things we are watching in the weather this week. We have some more rain coming on Monday afternoon and night. We may have a little rain and maybe some flurries in the middle of the week. But I think the weather that will impact us the most is the COLD AIR! The coldest air of the season moves in on Thursday. That will leave us with a very cold morning on Friday. The above image is one computer model's wind chill values on Friday morning. Some parts of Region 8 may have SINGLE-DIGIT wind chills on Friday morning!
The actual air temperature will be in the low 20s! This is the time to think about taking a few precautions. Cover the outside faucets, if needed. Make plans to bring the pets inside. Consider the bus stop conditions on Thursday and especially, Friday morning.

We will continue to watch it and will continue to update our weather app!


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