Saturday, January 07, 2017

First Alert: Icy Pattern May Develop Next Weekend

It's early, but the data is hinting at some type of wintry weather next Saturday, 1/14/2017. As we learned with this last storm, deviation to the north or south by 50 miles makes a huge difference. While it's too early for specifics, I will point out a few bullet points:

  • We will not be lacking moisture. There will be a lot of precipitation, so we need to hope it is rain. Precip TYPE is questionable.
  • Temperatures are questionable. There will be a SHARP temperature gradient across Region 8.
  • Snow is unlikely because of warm air aloft. Therefore, if surface temperatures drop below freezing, the precipitation would be sleet or freezing rain.
  • Some people may stay just rain. I hope all of us...
  • Models are in better agreement than the last storm!
It's early, but I know many people have weekend plans next week. Let's hope that it is just a rain event, but be on standby in case it is more. Enjoy the warmer air prior to this storm.

Have a great weekend!

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