Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Have We Had A Winter? I Say "Kind of..."

As we start to question if Winter is done, many are asking if we ever had a Winter. I say "kind of...". Let me break down some facts that might surprise you:

  • We had 13 days with freezing temperatures in December.
  • We had 7 days in the 20s in December.
  • We had 3 days in the teens! We woke up on on December 19th at 13°!
  • We had a trace of snow on December 17th. Side note... We went from 76° to 19° from the 17th to the 18th!
  • We officially had 2" of snowfall on January 6th in Jonesboro. I only had 0.50" and other parts of Region 8 had flurries. Still... officially there was 2".
  • We had 8 days with freezing temperatures in January. 
  • Morning lows for January 6th-9th were: 17,11,10,18 respectively. 
  • Even this month (February), we have had 6 mornings of freezing temperatures. 
  • On February 4th, we started the day at 23°.
So, I say we "kind of" had a Winter. It's been a Winter with some BIG swings in temperatures, but we expected that. February is going to go down as one of the warmest on record. We are already in the Top 6!

I've come to learn that we have about a "2 week weather memory". That means that if we had 20° for the next 2 weeks and 1-2 snow events, we would forget about the 70s over the past week. With that said... I see no snow in the forecast. ;)

Have a great (Springlike) day!

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Debbie Gruger said...

Does that mean bugs are going to be really bad this year