Monday, February 20, 2017

Top 10 Warmest February Temperatures In Region 8

As of today, this is the 8th warmest February on record in Jonesboro. The average temperature is running 7.8° above average. That's the warmest February in 27 years! Here's the Top 10 warmest average February temperatures on record:
As always, I like to look back at the record breaking years, so let's look at 1930 in Jonesboro. I highlighted some interesting things:
All of the dates that had 60s and 70s, I highlighted. They had most of their warm air in the second half of the month. We had some 70s earlier this month and 70s in the forecast. I feel we are going to break into the Top 5 before this month is over. Another thing to note about 1930 is the number of frosts. They had 8 mornings with frost. I don't have an exact number for 2017, but I think we have only had 3-4 so far. Something that has lowered our average in 2017 is the overnight lows. You may have forgotten, but we woke up on February 4th with a temperature of 23°.
We will continue to watch the rest of the month unfold, but with forecast highs in the 60s and 70s over the next 6 days, a Top 10 finish for warmest February temperatures seems very likely.

Stay tuned!

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