Monday, May 01, 2017

Monday Morning River Updates

I'm going to summarize SOME of the rivers in Region 8:

Current River:
  • At Doniphan, it is still rising and is 6 feet over the record high.
  • Forecast is for it to rise about 4 more feet today and crest.
  • This water flows south and will greatly impact Randolph and Clay Counties.
  • This river flows into the Black River.

Black River:
  • The water is almost at a record high in Poplar Bluff.
  • It's expected to crest today at 22' and start going down.
  • The levels at Pocahontas are probably the most concerning.
  • The water is rising and is expected to be at MAJOR flood stage Tuesday night.
  • Record breaking flooding is expected by Friday morning.
  • If this happens, it would be worse than 2011.
  • Remember, the behavior of the water may be different because of new levees.
  • The Black River at Black Rock is already at MAJOR flood stage and rising.
  • It's expected to crest today, but stay in major flood stage through the week.
Eleven Point River:
  • The Eleven Point River feeds the Spring River, which feeds into the Black River.
  • It has already crested and heading down. 
  • It almost broke a record.
Spring River at Hardy:
  • It feeds the Black River.
  • The Spring River typically rises quickly and falls quickly.
  • This event is not different and it's already falling.
  • It hit major flood stage on Sunday and is already down to minor flood stage.
White River at Calico Rock:
  • The water at Calico Rock went up FAST as expected yesterday.
  • It's starting to fall now and should fall below major flood stage soon.
  • This may change due to dam release.
White River at Batesville:
  • White River at Batesville is still rising, but should crest today.
  • It will fall to minor flood stage by the weekend.
  • This may change due to dam release.
These rivers stages are the most concerning, but NOAA is updating all points on this website: 

I'll be LIVE in the flooding this evening. Stay with Region 8 News.



Anonymous said...

What about the St Francis around the boot heel area?

liddie smith said...

St,Francis by Mounds had been over main highway receding crops looking good and could see where St.Francis had been over bridge before getting into Kennett was falling as in other other place crops look ok.