Saturday, April 29, 2017

Flooding Problems Have Started!

Update at 9:00 PM 4/29/2017:

This could get serious! Bryant Creek and North Fork White River feed Lake Norfork. Bryant Creek just broke a record for it's highest level and White River near Tecumseh is well on it's way! See graphs from NOAA:

Lake Norfork is now rising rapidly. It has risen a couple of feet in the past couple of hours:
In addition to concerns on Lake Norfork and the White River, I'm worried about the Black River and Current River. We are waiting to see just how much rain falls in those basins, but a ton of water has already fallen north of that basin. I expect MAJOR FLOOD STAGE along the Black River in the coming days as the water drains. Region 8 weather watcher Jason Hampton lives up there and knows those rivers well. I'll continue to check in with him over the next few days. 


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