Sunday, September 10, 2017

Irma Could Bring 35+ mph Winds To Region 8

The last thing rice farmers need right now is 35 mph wind gusts, but it may happen on Tuesday. For the past few days we have been tracking Hurricane Irma and it's possible impacts on Region 8. Unfortunately, it still looks to be coming this way. Here's the wind GUSTS (not sustained) projections for Tuesday at lunchtime. Notice the remnants of Irma will be in northern Mississippi and the light blue is 20+ KNOTS of wind. In MPH, all of the blue is 23+ mph. The LIGHT blue is 32 KNOTS which translates to about 36 mph:
As far as rainfall is concerned, some models give 1.00-1.50" of rain fall, but the European keeps most of the rain in TN, MS, and AL. Here's the total rain projections from the Euro:
I would plan on the worst case scenario, but hope for the best. Worst case scenario is 1.50" of rain and 40 mph winds. Everything decreases on Wednesday.

Stay with Region 8 News. We will be in the rice fields tomorrow for updates on Hurricane Irma as it moves closer to Region 8.


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