Saturday, October 07, 2017

Hurricane Nate's Landfall

It's Saturday morning and Hurricane Nate is going to make landfall in less than 24 hours. It looks like Nate may make two landfalls. The first will be in SE Louisiana around midnight. The second will be Sunday morning on the Mississippi coast. Of course, the track may shift, too. Here's what the first landfall may look like on radar around midnight:
Notice in the above image that the heaviest rain will not extend too far from the center of the hurricane. This hurricane is not really large and will be moving fast. Excessive rainfall should not be an issue. Second landfall will come right before sunrise and radar could look like this:
At this time, I would not be surprised to see some tornado warnings near Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Pensacola. The center is where the strongest winds will be located. These next two images show the projected winds at both possible landfalls. Remember, this is in KNOTS:
As you can see, the hurricane force winds will not extend too far from the center of the hurricane, but the Mississippi Coastline will likely see extensive damage. Thankfully, it's a category ONE hurricane and not stronger. 

We will watch it closely, but it does not look to impact Region 8 too much.


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