Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Gordon: Wednesday Morning Update

Gordon is now a depression as it moves through Mississippi. It should be in Arkansas later tonight. Here are the bullet points this morning:

  • There has not been much change in the forecast.
  • There still appears to be the chance of a sharp precipitation gradient across the state.
  • The best chance of rain from Gordon is Thursday and Friday.
  • Front moves in to enhance rain on Saturday and Sunday.
So, as I said, there has not been much change. Most data takes the center of Gordon SW and W of us and this would also be where the highest rainfall amounts should be located. The European model is showing a very sharp gradient. This is it's projected rainfall before the front moves in:
This is the projected totals after the front, too:
The GFS has flip-flopped on the position of the low pressure and really just paints a large 2-4" area of rainfall on everyone:
Overall for the state, it would be good to not have 5-10" of rain in spots, but for Region 8... most are hoping for the Euro solution. It has been the one that has been the most consistent, so I'm still leaning that direction. 

We're watching it! More updates tonight on Region 8 News. 

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