Sunday, November 22, 2009

Always Tracking... Waterfowl!!

Duck season started on Saturday and radars in the Midsouth were tracking ducks! Well, probably Snow Geese and Canadian Geese in addition to Ducks, but waterfowl nonetheless! This is not abnormal, this article in Outdoor Life notes NEXRAD picking up on migrating waterfowl in the past.

When I awoke on Saturday morning, I first looked at radar. With the Low passing to our South, I had a tiny 10% chance of rain in the forecast, so I wanted to see if most of the showers were staying South as expected. When I glanced at radar, there was a big blob of green heading South. I was confused at first, because if any rain had formed... it should be going NE (like the showers in MS seen on this radar loop).

My wife walked in shortly after sunrise from running several miles and I asked her if she heard ducks or geese while she was running. She said "YES"... tons of them. In addition, some friends of mine that were hunting heard a ton of them overhead just before sunrise. Well... that matches up with the radar image! There were also reports of an abundance of "droppings", but I can't confirm that! LOL

Maybe Hammertime and Bob Snell need to invest in a portable radar!

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