Monday, November 16, 2009

Spica Cast, Two Years Later

This was my youngest son two years ago. While playing football with his brother, he broke his leg. It was a complex break, a spiral fracture to his femur. I'll never forget certain things about that night. First, the phone call from my wife with him screaming in the background. I dropped everything at work at went to AMMC. (KAIT was SOOO good to us that week). Second, the uneasy feeling when Dr. Schechter told us about the body cast he would be in for 10 weeks. And lastly, the amount of pain he had from the cramping.

At the time, we thought it was going to be the worst 10 weeks of our life, but God made it fly by and made it much easier than we expected. He traveled around town in a red wagon with Christmas lights and was embarrassed when people talked to him and gave him attention. I'm sure many of you saw us around town. The annoying part was when people thought we were carrying him the around in a wagon for fun. I guess they could not see the cast because of the blankets, but it was still annoying.

Now, he is 110%. Here's a picture of him from last week. He seems to be running quite fast across the football field! There are no signs of permanent injury and he plays just as hard (if not harder) than other kids!

It was a challenging part of our life, but we gained a lot from the experience. Since then, I have been able to help other families that have dealt with a Spica Cast after they found my blog through search engines. I've even made a few long-distance friends!

Big thanks to our friends, KAIT, AMMC, and especially Dr. Schechter for helping us through that time!

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mom/meemaw said...

It was AMAZING how quickly he got around in that spika cast when he was determined to get something!

Then scarey watching him walking slowly upright at the end of that cast-wearing time, too!