Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pattern Change

There are some signs that we will see a pattern change next week. So, what does that mean? Well, currently we have a big "ridge" or dome of high pressure on Region 8. The below map is the 500mb level map or the map that shows some upper-level features. This time of the year, when you have a circle with a "594" on it, right on top of you... you are going to be a little hot and the jetstream is going to be north of you:

Now, next week, that "594" high moves west and the jetstream dips into Region 8! This is good! This is what we call a "trough". It's seen as the "u-shaped" dip in the jetstream. This usually leads to a push of less humid air and some rain should be on the leading edge of this trough. Here's the map:

If this happens, dewpoints may drop into the 50s. Dewpoints in the 50s will be spectacularly awesome! (Not sure that is a word, but stick with me...)

Remember, this is just some model guidance. We're not biting down on this just yet... Another thing to note in the above map is the tropical system coming into Alabama. That will need to be watched too.

Always tracking!

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Andrew Sloan said...

Any cooler temps, lower dew points and even some rain will be welcome.