Wednesday, May 25, 2011

High Risk for Tornadoes

I do not have a ton of time to blog this morning as we prepare for tornadoes later today. The above image is the the risk from the Storm Prediction Center. Notice the high risk for parts of our viewing area. Let me throw out a few bullet points:

  • Tornadoes are Likely
  • The storms will be scattered and many people will stay dry. If you recall, our worst tornado in recent years (Marmaduke) only had 2 storms on radar. Just a thought...
  • Most likely place to see severe wx will be Mississippi County, Dunklin and Pemiscot counties, but anywhere in Region 8 must be on guard.
  • Storms will start firing sometime around 3-4 PM, give or take an hour.
  • Severe threat will hopefully be out of here by 11PM.
  • If you have friends or family that have a basement, hang out with them tonight.
  • Staying in a mobile home is not acceptable tonight.
The below image is the probability of tornadoes. While 30% may not seem that high to you... it is. We are also included in the "significant" area which means that strong tornadoes are possible.
Take warnings seriously today. If you lose power, we will be on 104.9, 106.3, and 100.5... Your Jonesboro Radio Group Stations. 

Take care and be safe,


Jaylena said...

Thank you so much Ryan! Anything helps at this point!!!! God Bless You!!!!!

john said...

You're the man! All that you do is noteworthy to the thousands that depend on that info...stellar job Ryan, stellar indeed!

LaVonda said...

Ryan, Thank you so much for keeping my family up to date on this whirl-wind weather we have been experiencing lately. I cannot express my gratitude for all that you, Justin and Sarah do to keep everyone safe.

Sherry said...

Ryan, thank you so much for your dedication to the people of Northeast Arkansas. We depend on you - and you never fail to keep us informed of what to expect. Praying so much that all of us stay safe today and tonight. The K-8 Storm Team is the best!!!

notsoserious said...

Thanks for the extra effort.

Tina Case said...

Thanks Ryan!! We are all paying close attention to your posts. You do an amazing job!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Watching your posts from Manila - we appreciate you!

Karen H. said...

"THANK YOU", "THANK YOU" Ryan, Sarah, and Justin for all you guys have done today. I know it was very much appreciated by everyone. You guys are the best and you ROCK!!!! We went to the School's Safe Room here in Caraway before they sounded the sirens. I was watching yall live all afternoon on KAIT8. I hope you 3 can get some much needed rest now. I know Sarah is extremely tired. Again, from the bottom of my heart, "THANK YOU" again for all you have done today keeping us updated on the severe weather.

Karen Horton
Caraway, AR