Thursday, June 30, 2011

On The Boat...

So many things happened on the boat! I'll go ahead and tell you that our luggage did not make it and neither did the luggage of three others in our group. Thanks American Airlines! Our tour guide, Greg, rocked though. He made sure that our clothes were cleaned, that we had clothes from the stores on-board, and that we even had a some formal-wear for dinner! The above picture is what I did 80% of the time on the boat (covered my shorts with a jacket) and the pictures below are during formal dining time at night.

As you can see, we were still having a great time without luggage! Here are some more pictures of people in our group. First, Vic and Jeanie. Vic is a friend of ours from Church. Him and Jeanie are great!
Another group we bonded with were the "three sisters". They were so much fun! Some of the comments from  them made me blush! They were with us in Chicago when the storm canceled our flight and almost blew us away!
We had a great time at dinner. I'll admit that I had to step out for some fresh air every now and then, but overall... the motion sick medicine was working!

The boat was moving north and the scenery to come is the greatest I have ever seen! Pics coming in next post!


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