Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hello! The Tropics Are Heating Up!

I haven't blogged in awhile and I can blame that on two things. First, the weather gets pretty boring in the Summer. Second, my personal life has been really, really busy. I'm not willing to share details at this point, but our family adopted 2 little girls shortly after we returned from Alaska several weeks back. With 4 kids, I spend more time being Dad than the blogging weather guy! God has really blessed our family, but the transition takes up lots of time.

Let's talk weather though right now...

This first map is for next Thursday and this bowling ball in the Tropics could be a big news story by NEXT weekend! Click images to enlarge.
Models are still going back and forth between a FL hit or a North-Central GOM hit. GOM stands for Gulf of Mexico....Even each individual model varies from each run. For example, the data coming in this evening shows this storm coming into the GOM and heading back over FL and then hitting the East Coast! I think that's kind of what Charley did a few years back. Here's the map valid for next Saturday:
As I said though... the models have shifted some. The earlier run of the GFS showed a large hurricane in the center of the GOM next weekend. See map:
Regardless of which track it takes, it should be a big news story by next week. Stay tuned and I'l keep you posted. If the storm tracks west... we could get some rain and wind. If the naming goes as expected.... this sould be Irene.

We'll watch it!

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Donna F said...

Congrats on your new additions!!!