Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Irene Looks Mean

The SE islands of the Bahamas are getting hit pretty good by Irene today. My wife and I met a meteorologist and his family in Nassau a couple of years ago. I'm going to try to call him today to see what it is like in Nassau, Bahamas today as they prepare for Irene. It should come very close to their city. I'm going to assume that he may be a little busy, but if I can get a phone interview... I'll air it on Region 8 News. It clearly looks like this is an East Coast storm now, but the overall weather pattern WILL be impacted and in an indirect way, it will affect us in Region 8. Take a look at the WRF model and what it does with Irene:
This shows a North Carolina landfall. This is bad for North Carolina and my cousin (an ER Doc) in Salisbury, Maryland. However, my Dad in West Palm Beach, FL and friends that are heading to Disney World are quite happy with the forecast path (I'm guessing).

With the counter-clockwise rotation of the hurricane, this will help draw down some drier and cooler air for us in the wake of the cold front. It may get a little breezy as well, since we will be between the strong ridge and the low (Irene) to the East. Here's a graph of the dewpoint to show the break from the Mugginess:
In summary... I am ready to lose this muggy air.


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